Saturday, 18 September 2010

A unique book for auction.

Announcing the unique one-off hardback copy of the London Job 2010 book.

Signed by all the participants of the London Job event held in April, this is the only hardback copy in existence, and will be auctioned next Friday 24th September 2010 at The Bell pub on Middlesex Street. All funds raised will go to the Frances Coles Memorial Appeal.

Featuring photographs and articles from Neil Bell, John Bennett, Trevor Bond, Robert Clack, Gail Dowle, Andrew Firth, Philip Hutchinson, Laura Prieto, Mark Ripper and Peter Whitby, this book is absolutely a one-off. All other copies of the book are softback. A signed certificate label of authenticity is affixed to the inside cover.

If you can make it to this fundraising event, and maybe put in a bid or two, then you will be very welcome!

The following day, the 2010 Jack the Ripper conference will be held, a few streets away at the King's Stores pub in Spitalfields. Details can be found here.

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